a+c architects is committed to providing a service that combines excellence in creative design with functional intelligence.

We strive to bring the knowledge, creativity, pragmatism and energy that extends throughout our staff to achieve the best results for our clients. Full services for building design and construction. From concept to completion, from rendering to reality, will create a manageable path for you through the complex process of planning and building.

Each project is considered unique in its own right. Our clients are a part of our design team – their individual needs and desires serve as the foundation for our designs. Together, we will explore fresh and innovative design solutions with consideration of how the natural environment can be respected and preserved.

Guiding Principles

Style. Sustainability. Efficiency – these guiding principles help to define the culture of our business – they are what we are passionate about. They are at the forefront of our minds in all the work that we do.

The style of a+c architects is one of elegance and environmental stewardship. Together, with the needs and preferences of the client, the finished project is captivating and timeless.

a+c architects believe that development and the environment do not need to have competing interests. Instead, the two can work harmoniously in a project that enhances the natural and built environment. Raffi has made a commitment to sustainability and the green building movement. He is certified LEED AP through the U.S. Green Building Council.

Efficiency is a way of life at a+c architects. Starting with project planning, clients will understand that efficiency is a pillar of our business. Clients will have one point of contact throughout the planning, design, and construction of their project. This approach leads to greater communication and understanding throughout the process. Additionally, building efficiency and creative use of space are apparent in all of a+c architect’s projects thanks to the special attention given to functionality and sustainability.

How We Work

We see our role as not only a technical creator of space, but as experienced consultants with a knack for helping clients evolve their inspirations to realize their vision.

Our design process includes conversations about sight lines, spatial relationships, the play of light and shadow, functionality, and other primary concepts that help clients see their projects through an architect’s eyes. The resulting dialogue elicits a clearer sense of what desires and priorities are driving the client’s wishes and, at the same time, provides us new insights for working with their ideas. We believe that the most successful projects are those in which clients reacts to the architect’s vision as if it were their own.

Our modus operandi is deeply rooted in philosophy. Raffi studied philosophy as an undergraduate at New York University and uses his studies to gain a deep and humanistic understanding of what is important to the client’s soul. With this philosophy, creativity flourishes while the practical considerations of cost and function can be approached not as compromises or a challenge of wills, but as a partnership that often develops an even better solution.


We are committed to providing the highest level of creativity, design, and coordination for your project.

Vision, insight, creativity and a sense of practicality are qualities that a+c architects uses when approaching a new project. We are dedicated to providing clients with a service that combines both skill in creative design and the knowledge of the industry and building methods.

Our designs are supported by a detailed awareness of physical context of the project, context within specific sectors as well as the broad range of experience and knowledge of our design team. Our process focuses on realizing solutions based on the specific requirements of the client, the site itself, and the needs of the end users of the buildings and spaces. Each project is approached as a new opportunity to explore fresh and innovative design solutions.

When Architects and Engineers understand each other’s practice and speak the same language, more fluid and successful results are achieved. Our Team of Engineers and Team of Architects work together closely and understand and adhere to this philosophy.

Central to our design philosophy is the application of the most suitable and advanced engineering to the challenge, providing immediate order to our ensuing architectural solution. Responses to particular site restrictions and opportunities ensure buildings that are rooted in their receiving environment. Flexibility, ease of expansion and an economy of material remain core principles to the way we work and are even more relevant today.

Interior Design
a+c architects also designs the interiors of a majority of our architectural projects. Our designers deliver interiors which exemplify the nature and direction of the initial architectural design, while personalizing each space to its individual use.

“Architecture-Construction” is a project delivery method that provides a quicker, and more cost-effective, approach to construction. By allowing a single point of contact, clients find it clearer and easier to see and comprehend the project from design through construction.

About the team

Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes a team work.

Meet The Team

Our team consists of experienced architects who develop the projects starting with a sketch and following it up to complete implementation of intended ideas.



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