Sumit Construction HQ

Former emission testing facility, as well as a new construction company HQ


Design – Green 8,000 sf office building. LEED Gold office building, new construction.


The owner of Sumit Construction Company wanted a new building that not just would accommodate the company’s needs, but declare its dedication to quality and demonstrate an advanced knowledge of construction.


The project was re-purposing a former emission testing facility, as well as a new construction component. The surrounding land was to be used for equipment, vehicles and storage of materials. The existing facility would be used as a field office and for equipment repair. The new building would house office space for the company headquarters. The company wanted the building to be reflective of the work they do, a showcase of their product.


Working with an existing building, a former emission testing facility, we set about to create a headquarters that conveyed the identity of Sumit Construction, establishing their corporate presence and reflective of their work. We combined traditional material, such as brick, with a more contemporary element like steel, angling and draping it to create a blend of professionalism, modernity and functionality.

The structure is a LEED Gold building and it has a geothermal system and green roof. We salvaged what we could from the former use – for example, portions of the booths from the testing facility were repurposed into conference room doors.

Great care was taken in the selection of materials and construction of the building. The design incorporates a consciousness of light, and the curve of the metal was used to frame the windows.



Photos by Patsy McEnroe Photography