Morris Regional Oncology Center

To create a comfortable, yet functional state-of-the art medical center.


Design – Oncology and hematology center- 27,000 sq. ft.: 7 physician offices, 22 exam rooms, pharmacy, 2 MRIs, 2 CT Scans, 1 linear accelerator, 1 PET, chemotherapy recovery area and 68 parking spaces.


To create a comfortable, yet functional state-of-the art medical center.


The center required several pieces of heavy, technical equipment. The building site was uneven, with a drop of 11 feet from one side to the other.


We wanted this building to be inspiring, reflecting both the high tech nature of the facility and the surrounding natural element. We decided to use the site challenges to our advantage by placing the linear accelerator underground. This enabled us to make better more efficient use of space as well as minimize the effects of the radiation emitted from the equipment. Geometric, linear shapes were used to add interest to the building drawing it up from the ground and toward the sky, implying hope and optimism. Large windows were incorporated in the chemotherapy treatment area to allow as much natural light as possible, giving patients a calm and soothing connection to nature and surrounding farmland to give them positive energy while going through a difficult experience. Local natural materials like limestone were used in the building construction. The interior design features warm earthy tones, to create a comforting environment. The image of a 21st century modern medical facility was expressed and preserved meaningfully and aesthetically in a rural setting.

Photos by Paul Hydzik Photography