Glenview Residence

Modern, new and fresh but still conscious of its natural surroundings.


Design – 11,000-sq.-ft. home with 9 bedrooms/12 bathrooms and 3 car garage


The clients for this project were a family – two brothers and their families share the home with their parents. The site is located at the edge of forest preserve, surrounded by a wooded area.


They wanted something modern, new and fresh but still conscious of its natural surroundings. The home needed to have private space for all family members, as well as large enough common areas for everyone to gather.



The result is a stunning mix of modern and natural elements, reflected in the materials used and their placement – stone and metal, smooth and rough. The same stone is used throughout the exterior, but using alternating surfaces, smooth and rough, to create interesting texture and lines. The stone is pushed in and out creating horizontal lines forming an abstract grid that is contemporary in its design. The roof line and material used add an extra interest and contrast. The roof material used is light, reflective and green, which helps with energy conservation. The house is also equipped with a geothermal system among many other energy efficient features.

The house features an expansive roof deck, taking advantage of the surrounding view. The tower at the rear of the house is reminiscent of a castle, which is picturesque and appropriate in the wooded setting. The structure was purposefully situated in this manner, in response to the adjacent trees and meadow.

A custom-designed, ornate metal and wood staircase extended from the ground floor to the nature-infusing skylight and rooftop deck. The top floor windows bring light into the center of the home which was a concern in a house of this scale. Ceiling to floor fountains are located in the center of the home, for an impressive effect upon entering. Separate wings allow for sufficient private space for each family, while incorporating shared space at the center of the house to accommodate everyone.