Deerfield Residence

Unique, daring and different, working within a limited budget


Design – 3,000 square feet plus an additional 1,200 sf in outdoor living space with 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms and a two car garage.


This design features a relatively small structure – 3000 sf in the middle of a wooded area. The client wanted a home that embraced their love of nature and enabled them to appreciate the surrounding landscape.


To design a structure that was unique, daring and different, working within a limited budget.


Basic materials were used in the design of the house – stucco, metal, wood and concrete. The owners were outdoor enthusiasts, so we created an outdoor living space for them to use in way that would maximize their experience with the surrounding natural environment.

We drew on the vocabulary of nature – the concrete columns expose earthy materials, sturdy like the trunks of the trees that surround the property.
The roof is angled like an uplifted wing, eliciting thoughts of birds and butterflies, drawing the structure to the sky, into nature and the outdoors. Wood is used on the underside of the roof, reinforcing the earthy, natural character of the house.

Downspouts incorporated into the roof are designed to capture water which then flows down into a pond, creating a waterfall effect.

The design incorporates as many windows as possible, to make the space open and transparent, capturing movement both inside and outside. The intent was to bring the outdoors in, and provide a sense of calm and peace.